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Welcome to my blog!

I’m Dez, a sixty-something Brit with more than a passing interest in prettying myself up with makeup, skincare and clothes, and a passion for sharing that interest with others.

I’m no makeup artist, but I do love playing with makeup, and I use all kinds, from high end to high street or drugstore, and I will take you through and review what I am currently using, what works for me and might for you, and try my hand at the odd tutorial!

I also love clothes, so I’ll be sharing and modelling some of my favourite pieces and outfits, the brands I love and trying to shop my closet more often than purchasing new items.

And, as a sixty plus year old woman, I’m particularly interested in keeping healthy, be that by eating a healthy diet, doing some exercise, and doing what I can to keep my mental health in good order too.

If any of this sounds like your idea of heaven, then join me as we journey through the myriad of makeup, skincare, hair tools and products, clothes styles and fits, with a little music, cinema, theatre and books sprinkled in for good measure – all things  that can help to make our lives more pleasurable.







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